Next 8th of May will be the launch of the 4th United Nations Global Road Safety Week (UNGRSW)

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You have more chance of avoiding a collision when you SlowDown. The lower your speed, the less distance is covered while you make decisions and take action to avoid a potential collision (reaction distance). Also, the slower you are going, the less time it takes for the vehicle to stop when you hit the brakes (braking distance).

And the impact of the collision towards a vru ( vulnerable road user = pedestrian or cyclist & especially children, elderly and people with reduced mobility) is lower as the kinetic energy is less and so the chance to survive or getting no serious injuries is much bigger.


Therefore an important measure to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries, especially in built up areas is the call for drivers to SLOW DOWN, 30km/h or less should be the speed limit where vru’s share the streets with motorised traffic in our built up areas.

FEVR FACTSHEET(pdf) in English/French: residential areas20



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