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Plans and Ideas for the Decade of Action on Road Safety – submission by FEVR

Statement of Jeannot MERSCH, FEVR president ( mpeg4  DoA3 ) orM2U00669

Activities around the world:

1) activities of FEVR member associations


2) ETSC is launching the PIN report on VRU

European Voices Join to Mark UN Launch of Decade of Action for Road Safety
Today the European Transport Safety Council welcomes the launch of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. The UN Decade will enable the EU to join forces in tackling road safety at a global level. ETSC has prepared a short film featuring leading figures from across Europe, all calling for a strong decade of concerted action on road safety.


3)Yours: Youth for roadsafety releases Posters for the DoA


3)UNECE/FEVR presentation by Rolf Strassfeld, board member on official  launch conference in Belgrad

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Rolf Strassfeld Belgrad_2011 (docx)

Rolf Strassfeld Belgrad_2011 (pptx)




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