11 May 2016: five-year anniversary of the launch of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020
Today marks the mid-point in the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, which was launched to great fanfare in many countries around the world on 11 May 2011. Five years since the launch of the Decade of Action, where do we stand?

Pillar 5: Post Crash Response

Increase responsiveness to post-crash emergencies and improve the ability of health
and other systems to provide appropriate emergency treatment and longer term
rehabilitation for crash victims.
Activity 1: Develop prehospital care systems, including the extraction of a victim from a
vehicle after a crash, and implementation of a single nationwide telephone number for
emergencies, through the implementation of existing good practices.
Activity 2: Develop hospital trauma care systems and evaluate the quality of care
through the implementation of good practices on trauma care systems and quality
Activity 3: Provide early rehabilitation and support to injured patients and those bereaved by road traffic crashes, to minimize both physical and psychological trauma.
Activity 4: Encourage the establishment of appropriate road user insurance schemes to finance rehabilitation services for crash victims through:
 Introduction of mandatory third-party liability; and  International mutual recognition of insurance, e.g. green card system.
Activity 5: Encourage a thorough investigation into the crash and the application of an
effective legal response to road deaths and injuries and therefore encourage fair
settlements and justice for the bereaved and injuries.
Activity 6: Provide encouragement and incentives for employers to hire and retain people with disabilities.
Activity 7: Encourage research and development into improving post crash response.
During the five years remaining in the Decade of Action, if we are to achieve the significant SDG ( Sustainable Development Goals ) targets governments have set: reduce fatalities AND serious injuries by 50% till 2020
we need to dramatically accelerate action, in particular at national and local levels. Many actors have a role and collaboration across many sectors will be key.
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