Annulment — Cross-border exchange of information on road safety related traffic offences

The European Court of Justice

Action for annulment — Directive 2011/82/EU — Cross-border exchange of information on road safety related traffic offences — Choice of legal basis — Article 87(2)(a) TFEU — Article 91 TFEU — Maintenance of the effects of the directive in case of annulment.

This important directive , introduced after longlasting discussions between the Parliament, the Commission and the Coucil to help european citizens following a bit better  the traffic rules when driving  abroad was stopped by the ECJ in  Luxemburg on 6.5.14.

“FEVR hopes that now we will not have to wait for another 10 years before a new directive will be applied, to reach  the target of halving fatalities and reducing severe injuries on European roads to 2020.”

Jeannot Mersch, president

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