A new report from ETSC says that:

Europe must boost safety for cyclists and walkers

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Antonio Avenoso, Executive Director of ETSC said:“Despite the health and environmental benefits, people who cycle and walk are not getting a fair share of improvements in road safety in Europe. This year, the EU has a very powerful weapon at its disposal, namely the review of safety requirements for new vehicles – it should not shy away from mandating the changes that can save the most lives.”

ETSC report:2015 06 04 pin flash 27_report_


Jeannot Mersch,FEVR president and ETSC main council member:” FEVR has since 24 years lobbied for a better consideration of the safety of VRU ( vulnerable road users) and welcomes this report which follows a general trend that also the users outside vehicles need more safety in the streets and on the roads in Europe and above”

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