6 days left to participate to the online survey: link the online survey is available in 15 languages Please help to find out what can be done to gain insight in the short, medium and long term impact of being injured in a road crash; and to understand better the factors that may help people to improve […]

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Total 20 (30km/h)

Where people live 20’s Plenty This is a “Total 20” policy used with success by UK towns which should be replicated through Europe “Reducing vehicles speeds in urban and residential areas to around 30 kph is a key strategy for reducing road danger, casualties and severe injuries and increasing modal shift to walking and cycling” […]

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Intelligent Transport Systems

ITS useful driver assistance systems can help reduce crashes or severe injuries. Safe drivers following the traffic rules and  forgiving and self explaining roads and roadsides are 2 important pillars of the the safe system approach to reduce the dangers on the roads and in the streets. A 3. important pillar is the passive and […]

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Multi disciplinary crash investigation: a Tool to improve road safety

Collision Investigation is a key post crash area and should therefore be considered an essential component of countries’ road safety strategies. Read more in Collision Investigation (pdf 59,8 Kb)

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