The directive on cross border enforcement of traffic offences has passed the European Parliament

Satisfaction among road traffic victim associations

A great majority of the Member of the EU Parliament have voted YES for a promising measure to save lives and reduce severe injuries on European roads and in our streets

Video ( 5,8 MByte) : cross border enforcement – (EuroNews)


The foreign drivers will thus not leave unpunished if they commit a traffic law offence in a foreign country.

This new instrument can fill the loophole which existed in the control-sanction chain  and it means an equal treatment of residents and foreign road users


To stop this injustice is also supported by most European citizens ( Euro barometer survey 2010 ) which is considered logical and fair not only by organisations representing road crash victims, but also by the road users in all countries.

Our Federation is happy about this outcome especially as we have our20th anniversary today. Even if is somewhat a compromise in relation to the very first edition an agreement is always better than nothing at all, also as in the coming years there will be an evaluation and revision.

We are very confident that this measure if quickly adopted by the national parliaments will help to come closer to the objective which the EU Commission has put for 2020: a reduction of 50% of the fatalities in road traffic in Europe.




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