Committee on Transport and Tourism


on European road safety 2011-2020


Rapporteur: Dieter-Lebrecht Koch


on European road safety 2011-2020


this report will have a 1st lecture at next TRAN Committee meeting on Monday 28 February from 15.00 to 18.30 in Brussels in room A3G-2 (ASP).

The meeting will be webstreamed

here some good points which join FEVR road danger reduction policy:

1. Welcomes the Commission communication under consideration here, but calls on the Commission, by the end of 2011, to develop its proposals into a fully-fledged action programme incorporating a detailed set of measures with clear timetables for their implementation, monitoring instruments, so that the effectiveness of the measures can be regularly checked, and provision for a mid-term review;

5. Wholeheartedly endorses the objective of halving by 2020 the total number road deaths in the EU by comparison with 2010, and calls for further clear and measurable targets to be set for the same period, in particular

  • · a 60% reduction in the number of children under the age of 14 killed in road accidents, and
  • · a 40% reduction in the number of people suffering critical injuries, on the basis of a uniform EU definition to be developed quickly;

7.Reiterates its view that a complementary, long-term strategy is needed which goes beyond the period covered by the communication under consideration here and has the objective of preventing all road deaths (‘Vision Zero’); calls on the Commission to develop the central features of such a strategy and to present them within the next three years;

14. Calls on the Commission to draw up by 2012 a proposal to improve the data available concerning the causes of accidents and injuries

29. Recommends that the fitting of alcolocks to all commercial passenger and goods transport vehicles should be made compulsory;

37. Welcomes the Commission’s announcement that it intends to speed up the introduction of ‘eCall’,

39. Calls for greater account to be taken of the protection of vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, cyclists, children and elderly people, as an integral aspect of road safety;

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report in different languages ( point 13 of the agenda )



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