Brussels – New safety technologies could play a major role in bringing the numbers killed on European motorways down, according to the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), authors of a new report published today.

M-30_Madrid_Spain_03-300x200Vehicle occupants in Denmark,GB,Sweden and the NL experience a lower risk than  the rest of Europe.

The “highway danger” is 2-4 times higher in Spain, Luxemburg, Slovenia and Belgium.      

An analyse from Luxemburg (in french): comparaison Europ



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The report cites figures from several countries showing that up to 60% of those killed in motorway collisions were not wearing a seatbelt. The authors call on the EU to require the mandatory installation of intelligent seat belt reminder systems (SBR) for all passenger seats in new cars. Currently only driver seats are required to be fitted with an SBR.

The EU is currently undertaking a review of the safety requirements that all new vehicles sold in Europe must comply with. A new proposal is expected later this year; the rules were last updated in 2009.

For countries where death rates can be calculated based on traffic volume, the worst performing countries have a risk factor four times higher than the best countries.  Denmark, Great Britain, Sweden and the Netherlands have the safest motorways while those in Poland, Hungary and Lithuania have the highest level of risk.

download: 2015 03 pin flash report 28 



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