• EU ministers hold back progress on lorry safety

    Transport ministers hold back progress on lorry safety

    Transport ministers meeting in Luxemburg on 5th of June agreed that European Commission proposals to enable, not require, manufacturers to make changes to lorry cabs that improve visibility and reduce the impact of crashes on other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists should be subject to an eight-year delay.

    ETSC release

    It was especially France and Sweden who objected to a shorter delay,which beside having an environmental effet by saving fuel  could also save many lives and reduce so many unecessary severe injuries

    press release T&E

    Better news come for the No-Mega trucks Initiative:

    EU transport ministers reject cross-border journeys with mega trucks. This was specified by the EU transport ministers this Thursday in Luxemburg. The Council thereby followed the European Parliaments position which earlier also rejected border crossing journeys proposed by the European Commission.




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