A new PIN ( Performance Index) Report from ETSC says unprotected road users need special attention because the numbers being killed are falling more slowly than those for vehicle occupants.

The report also says urban planning should be based on a hierarchy of road users where pedestrians, cyclists and public transport are prioritised:



Antonio Avenoso, Executive Director of ETSC said: “Despite the health and environmental benefits, people who cycle and walk are not getting a fair share of improvements in road safety in Europe. This year, the EU has a very powerful weapon at its disposal, namely the review of safety requirements for new vehicles – it should not shy away from mandating the changes that can save the most lives.”

Jeannot Mersch, FEVR president and ETSC council member: “FEVR welcomes this report especially as we have since 24 years always insisted that the safety of VRU’s ( vulnerable road users) and especially children, elderly people and people with reduced mobility, deserves much more consideration.”

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