On 30th of April  Jean Todt, head of FIA/Formula 1, was appointed  in Paris by Mr Ban Ki Moon Secretary General as special UN envoy for Road Safety

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This appointment, which took place without public consultation, has proven quite controversial among different Road Safety and Victim NGOs.

FEVR presse release: 4.5.15 pressRelease envoy for R S

communiqué de presse: 4 5 15 French pressRelease envoy for RS

FEVR believes that this nomination coming just before the launch of the 3. UN Road Safety week  could be a signal being sent to the world, and especially NGO’s working for road safety and traffic victims, which is going in the wrong direction.

We don’t consider the FIA president who certainly does a good job in his domain of the racing industry as the right personality to be a credible advocate for all road users, particularly where the most vulnerable are concerned, pedestrians, cyclists and people with disabilities.

“This 3rd UN Road Safety week will stay in our memory, as one which has been accompanied by a weak signal to the Road Danger Reduction community, one which has frustrated our efforts rather that enhanced them.”  (J.Mersch FEVR president)



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