22.3.16: ETSC PIN ( Performance Index) about Car Safety released today


Even if safety trend has been positive over the past decade, especially so for car occupants who have benefited more than other road users from road safety measures adopted  there are still very significant differences between the average Euro NCAP rating of new cars sold in Eastern and Central European countries, compared to their Western European counterparts.

  • Pedestrian protection lowest priority of car makers :-(

ETSC Pin Flash

“While Europe is still a leader in vehicle safety, this report shows that the benefits are far from being equally spread. We need an overhaul of vehicle safety in the EU to ensure that the latest advances benefit the many not the few.” ( Antonio Avenoso ETSC )

ETSC :2016 03 22 ncap flash press release 

The authors found marked differences between vehicle brands with Dacia’s poor performance overall being equalled by Land Rover and Jeep during the period covered. Volvo cars, in contrast, outperformed all manufacturers, on average, in every field of vehicle safety including occupant, child and pedestrian protection as well as in safety-assist systems.

“To get a better understanding of how advanced driver assistance systems are behaving in the real world, we need to get a picture from across Europe of precisely what happens when these vehicles are involved in collisions. This will require in-vehicle electronic data recorders and a pan-European database of collision investigations” ( Henk Stipdonk, SWOV)


” Much more should be done for a better protection  of those outside the cars, the vulnerable road users, less protected  than those already relatively safe inside their cabin” ( Jeannot Mersch FEVR president)



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