“KOCH” report was adopted with 31 in favour, 6 against and 3 abstentions

After the discussion of the Amendments of the so called “Koch” report on monday 20 july in the TRAN commission of the EU Parliament the vote toke place on tuesday 21 morning.

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FEVR welcomes this important step especially as many amendments for which we were in favour were adopted (see older post on 9th of April )

The “biggest” success was Amendment N°35 from Luxemburg MEP Georges Bach to officially recognize the 3. sunday in November as “World DAy of Remebrance for Road Traffic Victims”

Target settings : -60% for children fatalities; -50% reduction of pedestrian/cyclist death and -40% for severely injured by 2020

AM11/12: Better Data collection, crash investigation….

AM 23 : include victim association together with other stakeholders in consultations….

AM 61 : CBE cross boarder enforcement.….( directive scheduled to be voted in the plenary session in Strasburg 6th July )

Compromise (N): EDR Event data Recorder

Then a better consideration of unprotected road users especially children older road users and those with reduced mobility

* 30km/h in residential areas

* promoting walking, cycling and public transport

other issues as

*life long learning,

*alcolocks  on commercial vehicles (AM206) and 0,2 limit for new and professional drivers COMP G

* coordinator in he Commission are fine

* blind spot on HGV too

BUT: Some others had to be adopted through compromises as the compulsory wearing of warning jackets by cyclists where “compulsory” was finally replaced by “recommends”

AND WE REGRET that  speed limiters ( 120km/h) on light commercial vehicles were unfortunately rejected as well as the amendemnt by Georges Bach about a common definition of “severely injured” ( AM 55)


the Koch report and the Amendments can be found in all languages under  point 4/10 on




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