useful driver assistance systems can help reduce crashes or severe injuries.

Safe drivers following the traffic rules and  forgiving and self explaining roads and roadsides are 2 important pillars of the the safe system approach to reduce the dangers on the roads and in the streets.

A 3. important pillar is the passive and active safety of the vehicle. This should also be  considered  in respect of the safety of the vulnerable road user.

Pedestrian Protection (Vehicle) can be obtained with non aggressive car fronts and intelligent assistance systems like “break assist”

Link European Commission

Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), alcohol interlocks and seat belt reminders are further 3 promising ITS applications

Further topics FEVR welcomes is “eCall”, Side underrun protection of HGV, Ageing Europe and Adapting Vehicles and ITS , as well as better Car-to-car compatibility and  also considering Electric Vehicles and Road Safety

Document by ETSC

FEVR  would also welcome progress on in-vehicle Event data recorders

(so called “black box”) devices, which record vehicle situation before and during any

crash. Event data recorders offer first hand information about the causes of a crash and bring Multidisciplinary crash Investigation one step further




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