20.11.16 The Belgian Road Safety Institute communicates preliminary results of the “MyLac” study:

My life after the crash:

Almost 80% of people seriously injured in road traffic crashes never recover fully


Karin Genoe, Managing Director BRSI: ‘On this remembrance day for the victims of road traffic crashes, our thoughts naturally go out to those who have been killed in the traffic. But we must also not forget the many victims who have survived a road traffic crash, but who continue to be affected throughout their lives. This creates unbearable suffering for many families. We call on every road-user to think carefully each time they go out into the traffic. Only if we all take responsibility when we are in the traffic can we avoid such dramatic events occurring in the future.’

Jeannot Mersch,President FEVR: “We really appreciate that with this partnership the seriously injured road traffic victims, which were often forgotten in the past, receive now a better consideration and we are looking forward to the final results & recommendations of the MyLac study”

 BRSI :press-release-mylac (pdf)

Communiqué de prese de l’Institut Belge de Sécurité Routière



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