FEVR learned from his Greek members Efthita & SOS Traffic Crimes that the Government is planning to lower the fines for Traffic Violations by as much as 50%.

In an official letter FEVR strongly appealed the Greek Government  to renounce to such a wrong signal to those who put other road users in danger.

“As international research and examples from other countries prove, this action would result in the rise of the numbers of fatalities and serious injuries in your country and leave many of your citizens suffering those tragedies that all of us at FEVR know sadly only too well.” ( Jeannot Mersch, president)

Letter to Greek Ministers, January 2017

Letter from our Greek members:

κ. Ουρσουζίδη Πρόεδρο Επιτροπής Οδικής Ασφάλειας  (Letter in Greek)

To the Special Permanent Parliamentary Committee for Road Safety Κοινοποίηση FEVR ( English Translation)




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