More than 40 experts and representatives of road safety organisations and victims groups from across Europe together with 11 members of the European Parliament have written to President Jean-Claude Juncker urging him to reverse a decision to drop the announcement of a new EU target to cut serious road injuries.

2015 06 juncker letter tweet2015 06 letter juncker 

ETSC press release

FEVR ( in french)CommPresse JunckerFR (word doc) CommPresse JunckerFR (pdf)


Forgotten Victims: FEVR has lobbied since many years that severe injuries need a better consideration, after a common definition by the EU Commission ( MAIS 3+) and working on a strategy for serious injuries a target setting could be the 3. triple A helping to reduce these numbers.

Jeannot Mersch: “Mr Juncker himself severly injured in a road crash sometime ago should know what are the consequences  and suffering after such live changing events.” 

At the EU level a quantitative serious road injury target would provide a stimulus for EU actions…The quality of life of millions of road crash victims is at stake.

there is also a strong economic case to act. Estimates undertaken by ETSC show that, if all serious injuries recorded in 2010 could have been prevented, the benefits to society would have been more than 50 billion Euros in that year.



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