PCR and SI on the agenda

A better consideration of the Post Crash Response(PCR) and Serious Injuries (SI)

More and more concern is now given to the so called Post Crash Response, a strategy which aims to reduce the severity of injury consequences once a road traffic crash has occurred.

This ranges from emergency rescue system, trauma care, social support and consideration for the victims and their families to a better response in civil and criminal justice.

–          The World Health Organization  WHO, has in the  Decade of Action for Road Safety Program dedicated Pillar 5 to the post crash response. They ask for a better rehabilitation for victims to minimize both physical and psychological trauma and also for thorough crash investigation.

–          The EU Commission included the post impact topic also in their program till twenty twenty:

Under the Irish presidency of the European Council there will be a conference on this topic organized by the Road Safety Authority, RSA on 28 March 2013 in Dublin Castle:

“Road Transport Safety Conference on Serious Injuries”

The final report of a Consultation by the Commission: “EU strategy to reduce injuries resulting from road traffic “accidents” from last year can be found on:

As there is still some advocacy and research necessary to highlight and understand this issue which till now was only mostly been considered by those concerned, as the victims of traffic crashes, of fatal and t serious injuries including their families and friends.

This topic should also be seen as a preventive tool to reduce the dangers on the road by considering the victims, these human beings behind the statistics and the medical and psychological, even the monetary consequences of crashes. This is well a proven instrument to reduce thereafter those in numbers and severity.

–          ETSC ( European Transport Safety Council ) has done also some research in the past:

Social and economic consequences of road traffic crashes:

and another document about their costs:

–          Also FEVR with the help of the EU Commission had done a study in 1995-1997:

But as these documents are more than 10 years old and even if the physical and psychical vulnerability of the human body has not changed, society and mobility is changing and an update of this research would be useful. Again to underline the absolute necessity of the above activities to advocate for road safety and highlight victim needs and concerns.



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