The ETSC briefing  examines the upcoming policy initiatives from the European Commission including progress towards the 2020 target with recommendations for maximising the results of road safety work.


In this briefing, ETSC outlines its recommendations on the key EU road safety policy dossiers to be steered by the Dutch Presidency of the European Union:

1. Reversing the slowdown in reduction in road deaths and increase in serious injuries. – Wake up call

2. Serious Injuries: A 35% reduction target in the number of seriously injured over the period 2014-2020. –  Let’s Go

3. Cycle safety,Urban mobility ( urban agenda -SUMP’s) and Pedestrian Protection. – More emphasis on Vulnerable Road Users (vru)

4. Infrastructure/Vehicle safety. – Safe System Approach and Vision Zero especially in urban areas, especially for vru’s


FEVR would like to add  topics as:

5. Coming forward with the CBE ( Cross Boarder Enforcement ) Directive.

6. Considering the Post Crash Response ( joint Initiative with Health sector) and a better Justice for Road Crash Victims ( together with the Justice sector)





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