The RoadPeace helpline is 25 years old today!

The UK’s charity RoadPeace began its official work for road crash victims on 8th February 1992 and launched the first helpline for Britain’s road crash victims.


It was founded by Brigitte Chaudhry and established as a strong campaigning organization during her 16 years of involvement in the charity’s work, for which she received an honorary MBE*.

Although UK’s fatality and injury numbers have decreased since 1992, RoadPeace is still much needed and continues its important work of supporting victims and advocating for their rights and justice

RoadPeace has been an active and valued member of FEVR since 1993 and Brigitte Chaudhry became FEVR’s 2nd president, serving from 2004-2010.

Congratulations RoadPeace!

“Roadpeace has done a good job to support victims of road traffic crashes and raise the issue that victims are not treated as other victims of crime, thanks, happy birthday and looking forward to an ongoing good partnership & collaboration”

Jeannot Mersch, president

*Support letter Prof Haegi 

**How RoadPeace began – speech in 1993:Hidden Victims 




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