TISPOL,the European Traffic Police Network together with 22  member countries will be taking part in high-intensity, targeted speed enforcement activity.

The marathon takes place from 6am Thursday 16.4. to 6am Friday 17.4.2015

FEVR welcomes this initiative, especially if speed controls are taking place in built up areas. “Thus TISPOL helps to save lives and reduce severe injuries among vulnerable road users”   Jeannot Mersch, president


ScreenShot2015-04-14at07.21.17.072703TISPOL member countries confirming their participation in the marathon are: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia and the United Kingdom.

We believe this high-profile enforcement action is an effective way of raising awareness of the risks drivers take when they choose speeds that are either above the legal limit or inappropriate for the conditions.   Ruth Purdie, TISPOL General Secretary

TISPOL President Aidan Reid commented: “The speed marathon is all about prevention. We want drivers to think about the speeds they choose; speeds which are both legal and appropriate for the conditions. That’s why we encourage participating countries and police forces to publish information about the precise locations of speed checkpoints in advance. We want to get into the heads of drivers, not their purses.




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