FEVR who had through Brigitte Chaudhry & RoadPeace UK, initiated the World Day of Remembrance from 1995 on will now set up an advisory board to be responsible for organising all future WDR activities under the lead of FEVR.

Preparations for WDR2017 are running

 WDR Logo

There will be delegates from all continents  Africa, N America, S America, Asia, Oceania & Europe soon to be announced. Beside the WDR Logo FEVR will also promote the official symbol.

FEVR will also manage  the official WDR webpage and Social Media FB & Twitter

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” Together with friends & victims from every continent we want to develop “our” WD still further,  one of our precious common “jewels” ,  as this is also one of the best ways to show the ongoing “carnage” on our roads and streets worldwide”           J.Mersch president




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