During the General Meeting in Lisbon there were elections for 3 directors of the board.

Congratulations to:

Yolanda  DOMENECH, Pat Apat – Spain

Maggie Muge BAKIRSuat Ayoz Trafik Magdulari Dernegi- Turkey

and Eleni KARIDI: Ε.Υ.ΘΥ.Τ.Α ΡΟΔΟΥ – Παρατηρητήριο Οδικής Ασφάλειας – Greece


from left to right:

Yolanda DOMENECH, Jeannot MERSCH, Koen Van WONTERGHEM, Maggie Muge BAKIR and Robert STABA…. Eleni KARIDI

Robert STABA, FEVR Board Member since 2010 (Zavod Varna Pot– Slovenia)

Koen Van WONTERGHEM, FEVR Board member since 2014 (Parents Enfants Victimes de la Route – Belgium)

Jeannot MERSCH, board member since 2006 and president since 2010, former president of AVR – Luxemburg (1999-2014)

For more information, please visit the link:


“Many Thanks to Manuel RAMOS from ACA-M, Portugal , Marcello MASTROJENI from AIFVS, Italy  and Sami  MOUWAKDIE from Yasa, Lebanon who had during their 2 mandates since 2008 helped keeping FEVR running and progressing”  J. Mersch, president

FEVR GM - FEVR board LetsGo“old ” board: Sami MOUWAKDIE (secretary), Marcello MASTROJENI (treasurer), Manuel Joao RAMOS (Vice-president), Jeannot MERSCH (president) and  Donna PRICE, Koen Van WONTERGHEM and Robert STABA

NEXT: After next 1.board meeting in Brussels the roles of Vice-president, treasurer and secretary will be communicated



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