More than 200,000 people suffer life-changing injuries on Europe’s roads every year. Since 2010 the number of people seriously injured on EU roads has been reduced by just 1.6%, compared to an 18% decrease in the number of road deaths. In 2014 the numbers seriously injured actually went up, by more than 3% compared to the previous year and 2015 is not very promising too. ( statistics to be published 30 march by EC).

2016 01 seriousinjury_wd_poster_Page_1That’s why several MEP’s of the EP around MEP Olga SEHNALOVA ( a medical doctor) have launched a WD (Written Declaration) around this important topic: link (English), link (French) link (German)

or in any other EU language ( exchange 2 last letters with resp. country code 2 : BG ES CS DA DE ET EL EN FR GA HR IT LV LT HU MT NL PL PT RO SK SL FI SV)

PLEASE ASK YOUR MEP’S of the European Parliament to sign (deadline 18 April 2016): Written Declaration E-mail signature form

                                                                         more than 170 MEP’s already signed

Forgotten Victims: An unspoken hidden epidemic  of road trauma

“the human consequences for those most seriously long term disabled by injury on the roads could be as great as or even greater than the consequences of death and bereavement “(R.Allsop, ETSC PIN)  ETSC briefing:EU Target for Serious Injury 

Let's Go EP breakfast

“Many road victim associations hear from their members that the seriously injured and their families often feel forgotten and neglected in public discussions of road safety statistics, strategies and target setting and that’s why we really need now beside a common definition ( MAIS 3+) and a strategy to come end of this year as “cherry on the cake” also to fix a quantitative target for serious injuries.By setting an aspirational target we have at least a fighting chance to take the next steps to prevent more people being injured or maimed. (J.Mersch, FEVR president on 15.3. EP breakfast debate: time to address serious injuries)




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