Brussels – 20 June 2016

Today ETSC 

launches 2 new Performance Index (PIN ) Reports


ETSC Press Release2016 06 20 pin pr_final

Jeannot Mersch, FEVR president: “These are 2 important reports with a solid scientific background which shows that we really need this “wake up call” as progress in reducing fatalities and especially serious injuries on our roads is not at all satisfactory.

FEVR is proud to be a Main Council Member for about 20 years now

The PIN flash 31 about traffic enforcement is also showing that the member countries with the most effective enforcement strategies are among the best performing. Enforcement is really an essential pillar of a complete approach to tackle on a short term the main problems for an effective road danger reduction. It’s only a pity that not all EU member countries contributed to this important research.”

1.PIN 10: “Progress in reducing road deaths in Europe 2010-2015.”


Average reduction seriously injured/reduction in road deaths (graph ETSC)

Some countries are still making progress on road safety. At a conference to be held today in Brussels, ETSC will present its annual PIN road safety award to Norway. The country is at the top of the 2015 European road safety league with the lowest road mortality at 23 deaths per million population.

Jeannot Mersch,FEVR president: “We would like to congratulate Norway for this good performance in saving lives and reducing injuries on their roads and make an urgent call to all the other EU member countries to follow up”

FEVR  ( French):FEVR comm presse Lux PIN 20.6.16DEF

The 10th Annual ETSC Road Safety Performance Index report can be downloaded from

2. PIN Flash 31:“How traffic law enforcement can contribute to safer roads”

“Cuts to police enforcement across Europe doubly damaging for road safety.”

Declines in the level of police enforcement of traffic offences are contributing to Europe’s failure to cut the numbers dying in road collisions.

Antonio Avenoso, Executive Director of the European Transport Safety Council said:

“Cuts to police enforcement are doubly damaging. Fewer dangerous drivers are caught, and overall perception of the risk of being caught also decreases. While there is increasing pressure to reprioritise policing budgets across Europe, it makes no sense to cut back on road safety. 26,000 are still dying each year on our roads, and the numbers will not start to decrease again without concerted action.”

The ETSC PIN Flash report “How traffic law enforcement can contribute to safer roads” can be downloaded from








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