FEVR position regarding Support for Road Crash Victims:

Besides work to prevent road crashes, a proper post crash response is essential

– it is interdependent with prevention. The post crash stage is at present being neglected, it is our – the road victims’- role to bring an end to this neglect.

Research, including our own, has shown that denial of road victims’ needs is likely to cause psychological harm to them.

A serious response to road death and injury and decent treatment of road victims are seen by FEVR as road victims’ human rights.
This must include accurate information, trauma care, rehabilitation, an appropriate legal response, as well as funding for organisations providing support to victims.

EU Consultation: EC Crime Victims’ consultation [EN] (doc)

Strict Liability Law Strict liability discussion paper: Strict liability(pdf)

FEVR position regarding Justice and Fairness:

As an Advocacy Organisation for road crash victims, FEVR wants to see an end to the discrimination of road crash victims,
compared to other victims of crime or culpable acts, and wants to see laws that deter and are consistently applied.

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