Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We want to wish all our friends and partners all the Best for 2018 and are looking forward to work together for and with Road Traffic Victims Thanks to all who supported and participated in our 2017 activities (President J.Mersch on behalf of FEVR board + members)

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WDoR 2017 FEVR & Zavod Varna Pot

FEVR main activities for #WDoR2017 took place in Ljublijana and around “Honor of life” and “Vision Zero” were the main messages The main event was on 18th of November at 17.00 in the Red Hall of the Town Hall of Ljubljana On the wall of remembrance one could see a statement from Nelson Mandela when he got the news that […]

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WDoR Advisory Board

19.11.2017. We are happy to announce that we have set up a World Day Advisory Board – with global stakeholders from each continent, mostly road victims – to ensure the Road Traffic Victims’ Day an even more global & sustainable future. Manuel Ramos: FEVR UNRSC delegate, board member of the GA & president of ACA-M […]

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FEVR Press Release for WDoR2017

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims Sunday, 19th November 2017 This year again, millions of people killed on the world’s roads and many millions injured will be remembered on World Day – a Day now observed throughout the whole world. Theme for WDR 2017: From Global Remembrance to Global Action across the Decade […]

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WDoR2017 message from WHO

Again this year Etienne Krug, WHO Director and Chair of the UNRSC ( United Nations Road Safety Collaboration ) has prepared a message for #WdoR2017 “The best way to honour the memory of those who have suffered on the world’s roads would be for governments to fulfil the commitments they made at the start of the […]

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2 weeks 2 WDoR2017

How it started about 22 years ago “Having a Day of Remembrance for all those killed in the war on the roads would be very appropriate” Brigitte Chaudhry Initiator of the Day of Remembrance Video  (1’08” mp4 ) “When I suggested the idea of a common World Day of Remembrance to my colleagues at FEVR […]

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3 Weeks 2 WDoR2017

In exactly 3 weeks there will be again, as every 3. Sunday in November the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims FEVR had initiated this day in the early 90’s through Brigitte Chaudhry ( FEVR president 2004-2010) & Roadpeace. Since than this day has grown and was observed year by year by more […]

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Tispol Conference 2017

FEVR was present last 3-4 October in Manchester at the Tispol Conference FEVR president was invited to speak about Victims important topic the “Post Crash response” and we also had the opportunity to inform at the exhibition delegates about our activities, especially about the upcoming World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims: WDoR2017 “This […]

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UN General Secretary Report

The Secretary-General  report on improving global road safety, prepared by the World Health Organization in consultation with the United Nations regional commissions and other partners of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration: UNsecgenReport2017 It features actions from the global road safety community including reference to the “World Day of Remembrance” for Road Traffic Victims which […]

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FEVR GM in Leeuwarden

From 22. till 24. of September 2017 FEVR hold its Annual General Meeting hosted by NahZorg in Leeuwarden The 3 day event begun with the conference, organised by NAH Zorg, titled Rehabilitation Road Victims, where experts of different fields presented results of their research on road traffic safety, brain injury diagnostics and prognostics and brain injury […]

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