Maroš Šefčovič

Designated Commissioner for Transport & Space Maroš Šefčovič: We need a vision!

” Last year some 26,000 lives were lost on EU roads and the first figures for 2014 unfortunately show a reverse trend. It is clear that we cannot be complacent about this serious issue, and I will therefore continue to strive towards the goal of halving road fatalities by 2020. In particular I will look at the safety of infrastructure, the skills of professional drivers and promoting innovative in-vehicle safety technologies. Moreover I will focus on reducing not only fatalities, but also serious injuries which affect the lives of thousands of citizens every year.

MEP questions were about ITS, Cross border exchange of traffic offences, road safety in cities, gigaliners, mobility of people with a handicap, as well as e-call. MEP D.L.Koch asked what is the position of the designate commissioner on Vision Zero…….


” Let’s hope that activities are following the nice words ”

J.Mersch, FEVR president




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