During our “silver jubilee” next wednesday in Brussels we will also honour and remember Marcel HAEGI

FEVR founder & 1.President

CollageMH Marcel sadly died February 6th 2004

“I’m happy to hear from you and to see FEVR has reached 25 years of activity – I am sure my father would be very proud of this achievement (Tamara HAEGI, Marcels’ daughter, July 2016)

Quotes from a special FEVR Newsletter dedicated to Marcel

( 2004)

Brigitte Chaudhry, became FEVR 2. president: “I met Marcel in January 1993, specially travelling to Brussels where Marcel attended a meeting – in order to meet him and introduce him to the work of RoadPeace since our charity wished to join the Federation.I learnt to appreciate his diplomatic skills, which were vital in this environment and which meant that after many years of gentle persistence on his part, progress has been made in acknowledging the road victim perspective and in steps taken to improve their treatment.” 

Martine Peters, AVR founder and 1st president, Luxemburg:You knew to construct synergies, by collecting often aggressive energies which victims released who were injured and transform them into a great action of positive and interdependent mutual aid towards the others.”

Jacques Duhayon Treasurer FEVR: “I had the chance of being close to this man, during meetings of the FEVR, of course, but also at meetings attached to the European Commission in Brussels, or in Italy, in Frascati close to Rome at his home.  With the Vice-president of FEVR Jan de Kroes (NL), we have, after the funeral and the condolences with his wife and all her family, in Collex-Bossy close to Geneva, deposited flowers on his tomb near that of his daughter, in the name of all association members of FEVR, in the name of those for whom he fought, devoted his body and his heart.  He will leave a great vacuum in our FEVR.  But we will do everything possible to carry on his action, and even continue the rise of FEVR.

Christiane CELLIER, President Anne Cellier Fondation:“We should be filled with gratitude towards Marcel: thanks to his warm energy never losing sight of the victims, he has known how to federate all of us with our differences, he has known to inform us without ever forgetting the objectives of progress. By loyalty to Marcel, the F.E.V.R. has to continue, following the way he opened to us with great intelligence and generosity.”

Prof  Ian Roberts, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine:“He felt that 2004 would be an important year for the Federation. For the first time World Health Day had been dedicated to road safety, the UN had announced Road Safety Week and this week would see the launch of the World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention. It is therefore particularly tragic that he will not see for himself how the ripples of indignation against the slaughter on the roads, that he had been so active in initiating, are now gaining momentum and rising into waves.”

Moira Winslow ( died in 2015),Chairman and Founder of Drive Alive:“Marcel was always available to give advice and  to give help. He was a person who listened, really listened. I will miss him as the President of FEVR and as a very dear friend.”

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