What is Road Danger Reduction?

The road danger reduction approach to achieving safer roads seeks to reduce danger at source.

This calls for a recognition of the fact that the principal source of danger on the road is motor vehicles.

Instead of speaking of road safety or prevention of crashes FEVR prefers to use the term road danger reduction, which means reducing danger at the source.

That’s also why FEVR among others prefers using “crash” instead of ”accident” (Download the pdf Cf. Crash not Accident, (PDF 65KB) )

How it differs from tradition road safety
Road danger reduction differs from traditional road safety by advocating:

1.) Concern about the wider social and environmental impact
2.) Imposing a higher duty of care on road users who pose the most harm
3.) A more proactive approach to preventing road casualties
4.) Reducing risks for non-motorised road users
5.) Consistency with other public safety approaches

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