Decade of Action has been launched (2011–2020) for Road Safety in the UNECE region (27 – 29 April 2011)

Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011–2020
WHO – Violence Injury Prevention – Road Safety Status

In order to prepare for the Decade, the UN Road Safety Collaboration has developed a draft global Plan for the Decade with input from many partners. The draft Plan is currently being revised based on comments received to date.

The categories or “pillars” of activities are: building road safety management capacity; upgrading the safety of road infrastructure; further developing the safety of vehicles; enhancing the behaviour of road users; and improving emergency services.

The launch was scheduled for 11 may 2011 with many activities around the world.

WHO – Decade of Action
Decade of Action Booklet (PDF 665 KB)

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