19.11.2017. We are happy to announce that we have set up a World Day Advisory Board – with global stakeholders from each continent, mostly road victims – to ensure the Road Traffic Victims’ Day an even more global & sustainable future.

Manuel Ramos: FEVR UNRSC delegate, board member of the GA & president of ACA-M Portugal

Robert Staba: FEVR vice-president and president of Zavod Varna Pot Slovenia

Yolanda Domenech: FEVR board member & Psy consult, director of Pat A PAT Spain

Eric Remacle: Handicap International Handicap International, Global Road Safety Advisor

Debbie Marks-Kahn: Families for Safer Streets New York

Peter Frazer: president Sarah Group  Australia & board member of IRVP

Soraya Herrera-Diaz: President Fundation Cavat Nicole Paredes Ecuador and secretar of FICVI

Cherif Keddam: President of “Amis de la Route” FB link  Algeria



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