WDOR 16 NOV 2014

Here are the statements and messages we received for this year’s World Day of Remembrance  for Road Traffic Victims:

UN Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki-MoonUNSG_statement_2014_English

Commissioner Violeta Bulc, the Commissioner for Transport, has prepared a video statement for the World Day of Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims
The video message will go out with a press release on Sunday, you will also find it via Commissioner Bulc on twitter: @Bulc_EU and on here


Etienne Krug, chair of the UN Road Safety Collaboration Forum: here

Etienne’s video message:

Michael Cramer,chair of the EP TRAN Commission: 2014-11-CRAMER-13-Statement-World-dayof-Remembrance-for-Road-Traffic-Victims12

(pdf): 2014-11-13-Statement-World-dayof-Remembrance-for-Road-Traffic-Victims1

Jeannot Mersch,FEVR president’s Isa & LiSa: FEVR-president-message

Jeannot’s video message:

Many thanks to all!



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